About Gerard McClinton Estate Agent

Estate Agent in Belfast

Throughout my 20+ years in this career, I have always had a passion for three main things, customer care, transparency and technology.

I wholeheartedly believe that as an estate agent, someone that a seller invites into their home and puts their trust into, the agent should have one agenda only, to do what ever that clients needs, to their fullest capacity and with the most integrity.

When I get instructed to sell a property my aim is to sell it. I am proactive and creative and this is the bit I love about my job.

Working out ways to attract interest to my clients property. The more interest the more buyers, the more buyers the better the price.

Sellers get my personal mobile number and I make sure to contact them regardless if nothing is happening.

Transparency is vital, this means my clients will be told exactly what's happening with their property, every step of the way.

This could be either the online activity the property is receiving, what is being said about the property by viewers, how the market is going or what offers are in and how the sale is progressing.

Sellers and buyers are kept informed throughout the process from start to finish.


This is something that is always moving forward and agents either move with it or get left behind.

For me, in this busy world we live in I wanted to ensure my clients could get access to me, the information on their property and deal with paperwork with absolute ease.

All my paperwork is sent online so signatures for contracts, signing off brochures etc all gets done online.

Clients have access to their own Vendors area where they can see up to date information on their property sale, what viewings are booked in, what feedback is given, offers etc. it's very handy.

I use the best photographers in NI who use the best equipment so your property is marketed to its fullest. I create HD video walkthroughs, utilise social media and promote properties even before they are listed on the main portals.

Your property is marketed to the best possible standard it can be. It's sure to attract attention and get that buyer!